It was the funniest thing.  I was enjoying relaxing in about two feet of water, in the shallow end of a large pool at the health club.  There was hardly anybody in the pool, and I’m leaning against the side of the pool, praying some, reflecting some, and all of a sudden I start noticing my body moving back and forth, back and forth.  What is going on, I wondered?  I’m in a pool, not the ocean!


As I looked around for the source of my rocking back and forth, I look to my left and see someone the far side of the pool, doing this intriguing exercise that is making this gradual set of waves in the pool.  The person is literally probably thirty yards away, and there actions are affecting me!  I was stunned.  I mean it was kind of a cool experience, and yet, the deeper (no pun intended) lesson, was gosh, look at how what someone is doing so far away, who doesn’t really even know me, is affecting me.


The bigger point here of course is, what is the ripple effect of our lives?  How are we impacting others in our lives by who we are and how we engage them?  And, how is our impact going beyond our immediate circle to the lives of people we don’t even know?


Susan Scott in her stellar book “Fierce Conversations” talks about the importance of being more aware of the emotional wake we leave in people’s lives.  What are they generally left feeling after they are with us?  Is there a signature wave we have?  Is it the wave we want to send?  Another author talks about how our level of emotional and spiritual maturity creates what we might call invisible waves of energy that are a mix of things, like love, stress, joy, and sadness.  And, it is fair to say, that your impact goes beyond just your immediate circle, for good or for bad.


One larger truth here is that we often have a greater impact on those around us than we typically see or understand.  The question is, what impact does your typical wave have? May God give you wisdom into yours, and help you over time, radiate waves of greater and greater life to those you encounter.