How does a Christian leader make real progress in mastering the foundational skills that make the greatest difference? How can a Christian organization bring about large scale positive changes in their organization or culture?

Leadership training offerings are specifically designed to bring about significant changes that enable leaders and organizations to enjoy  greater effectiveness in realizing the results that matter both on earth and in heaven.

Coaching Skills Training Program

This transformational, 7 month training program includes these essential components that help ensure a lasting impact.  Students will participate in:

  • Three, 2-day seminars
  • 10 individual coaching sessions
  • Coaching two “coaches” for 10 hours each
  • Guided discussion and activities
  • In-depth reading assignments
  • Built-in accountability for student investment

Conferences such as the Florida Conference and the Georgia Cumberland Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist denomination have found the coaching skills training highly valuable in strengthening their leaders, achieving important results, and bringing greater health to their cultures.

Christian Leadership Training Program

This 8 to 9 month training program addresses in-depth some of the most important areas that contribute to lasting, effective leadership, and includes:

  •  Four, 2-day interactive seminars
  • Relevant reading assignments
  • A personally chosen leadership project to bring the learning to life
  • At least six individual coaching sessions to facilitate learning in-between seminars
  • Rich movies to watch that drive home core leadership principals

This program can be customized to fit the unique needs and strengths of your team and culture.

Contact me to see how which training program is right for you.