It was the neatest thing.  Here I am at my four year old daughter’s dance recital (where I also got to do a Daddy/Daughter routine that was just precious!), and I notice a family in the row in front of me.   I was especially struck by the dad, who was at an angle where I could easily see his face.  When two routines were performed, I was stunned by how much his countenance changed.


When those routines were performed, my goodness, his face just beamed.  He sat up some in his seat, leaned forward a bit, and his eyes, or at least the one I could see, just seemed to light up.  I was so struck by it, I had to look at the stage and see if I could see a young girl up there who looked like him.  Lo and behold, there was this roughly 8 year old girl in the mix of other performers, who had a real resemblance to him.  Every once in a while during the routine, she would sneak a glance over at her dad, and she would see his delight in her, and her face would momentarily reveal a true pleasure in knowing that she was seen and affirmed as she performed.  It was so neat to see.


It left me thinking, is that how I am when I see my daughter or my other kids on stage? I’m hoping so.  Then, I found myself thinking about the Lord and us as his children.  Does God beam when he sees us?  Do his eyes light up?  Amazingly, with his stunning grace and remarkable generosity flowing out of His goodness, I believe the answer is yes to both of those.  It was wild to read in Psalm 149:4-5 the other day:   “The Lord takes great delight in his people; he crowns the humble with salvation.  Let the saints rejoice in this honor and sing for joy on their beds.”  As His followers, and as members of his family, we are truly delighted in.


So, the takeaways:  How much do you take time to soak in that you are delighted in by the maker of the universe, the maker of everything that is good?  Have you ever sung for joy on your bed only because you are delighted in by God?  I did try it after reading it recently, and while it seemed a bit strange at first, it was pretty fun.  Next, how much do you let yourself delight in those close to you?  Your spouse or kids, if you are blessed to have them?  How about those who you work closely with?  Do they know you delight in them?  Could they see it on your face when they encounter you?  Those seem to be pretty important questions to noodle on.


May God draw you further into His delight in you, into His amazing grace, so that you may be more filled up with that which is truly life, as that man’s daughter was, and may you then be able to extend your delight in others more generously, as they would likely be blessed by it more than you know.  It may even nudge them closer to the One whose delight in them matters the most of all.


Here’s to dance recitals!