What To Expect

 The most outstanding Christian leaders are the most grounded leaders. You can see they’re truly rooted and established in love. They are emotionally and spiritually mature, listening for the Holy Spirit’s prompting, and fulfilling their calling in ways that brings life to those around them and to the world.

Getting there was not easy, nor did it happen over night.

I work best with leaders who are drawn to growth, and are willing to look within to grow.

Expect growth.

Expect committing to transformation.

Expect common faith.

Expect laughter.

We’ll do that through:

  • Integrity: walking the walk
  • Connection: coming alongside you well
  • Wisdom: from God and man
  • Impact: be an agent of grace and truth
  • Calling: living out who God has called you to be

The work that I do is all about helping Christian leaders grow in those ways.  If that is something you’re passionate about, or would like to grow in, it would be good to connect. My hope is to help Christian leaders be more grounded in a mature leadership identity, and strengthen their use of critical leadership skills, in ways that honor God and expand His life-giving Body.