Meet Nick

Dr. Nick Howard

My greatest wish is to support and strengthen Christian leaders.  To see them and their teams and organizations flourish.  I know that before those things happen, I get and need to enter in.  Enter a person’s world and all that includes…the hopes, confusion, and concerns.  My ultimate longing is to help people become more of who they are called to be.  To live life to the full. To lead in transformational ways.

Of course Jesus is the inspiration here.  He’s the ultimate hero.  Following him as best I can, I work to help Christian leaders grow, so they can lead well and help others grow too.  So more of his Kingdom comes and greater glory comes to Him.  That is why I do what I do.   I draw on my formal work in psychology, organizational communications, and other areas, to walk beside men and women in leadership, supporting and strengthening them and their teams.

My wife, Jamie, and I have four children, Alexa, Nate, Russell and Lucia, and live in Plainfield, Illinois, where we are involved in a local church. For my personal rest and renewal, I watch and play golf and other sports, read and watch good movies.